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[Release] The Persecution Complex is pleased to announce...

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... the release of Paranoid, - hosted by DRDTeam.

Paranoid is a Half Life themed Doom II mod for GZDoom*. In the role of Dr. Rolf Bellmer, you will explore previously unseen areas of the Black Mesa Facility realized via eight maps interconnected in a hub structure.

With true 3D architecture integral to the design of the maps and the whole theme being very much in the style of the original Half-Life, Paranoid seeks to capture a great deal of the feel of Half Life-like gameplay but in the Doom engine. This style is neither Half-Life, nor Doom. It's Paranoid.

The levels are complimented by newly DECORATEd enemies with hi-res sprites, non-Doom palette graphics throughout, scenery (and some interactive) models and an original sound track.

Want more information? See screenshots, credits, and more information via the DRDTeam front page.

So, what are you waiting for? grab that crowbar.

Because of the extensive use of GZDoom and other advanced features, Paranoid requires the following system specs to run even at lower resolutions:
GZDoom 1.4.8
1.8ghz Processor
Hardware Accelerated Video Card w/at least 256 MB video ram

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