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Uncharted 2 Review

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You probably know that its has been raved about and got near perfect reviews,But as someone who has never played the series,how does it stand

You play as a theif/treasure hunter named Naithan Drake,you are approched by an old friend who wants your help on finding the lost treasures of marco polo's fleet,I don't want to spoil anything for this game so thats really all i'm gonna say.

The dialouge and the voice acting in this game are genius,you'll never find moments where the game drops a cheesy line or the voice actor doesn't fit the character,all voices match the characters and each character develops a personality throughout the game,I found myself laughing at a couple of lines dropped in game for they were perfect or funny for the moment.


The gameplay is also a huge factor in this game,it plays like any third person shooter but better,some areas you can choose to go in guns blazing,or you can stealth the entire area,the controls are great and easy to learn,guess the only gripe in this area would be instead of having to press X again to climb onto ledge,its a very minour complaint but pressing up on the anolog stick would have be a better choice


Their were alot of moments in the game where I said "Wow,thats pretty" They did a great job creating a surrounding that looks and even feels real,From a mountain top to stealthing around a museum,it just looks great


Uncharted 2 is perhaps one of the best games I have ever played,If you own a PS3,Their is no excuse for not having it,If you don't own a PS3,steal one and buy a copy of this game.


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DuckReconMajor said:

I was either going to get this or LittleBigPlanet for Christmas. I took the latter. Maybe I made a mistake.

Little big plannet is a great game too and so is this,thats why you buy both!!!!!

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DuckReconMajor said:

Well the other game I got was Modern Warfare 2.

Don't kill me!

That still was a good choice,modern warfare 2 is a great game,its not the BIST GAEM EVAR!!!1!!!!!1!1,But it's good

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9/10 for me. There are moments in the game which are epic, especially the train sequence and the massive cave puzzles. I preferred God of War III to be honest, though I have no idea why.

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I love the Uncharted games. They're the perfect blend of action, adventure, fun storytelling, great characters, breathtaking locales and set piece events, and they have an excellent soundtrack. Uncharted's theme song will definitely go down as one of my favorite tracks in game history.

Here's to Uncharted 3!

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