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Monster Behavior

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I noticed while making a classic "imp box" offset at 45 degrees that in the 64x64 area the monster would not move, implying that it could not turn, do the monsters hit boxes physically turn with the direction the monster is facing, or do they remain strictly aligned to the map grid?

I solved the problem of the imp not moving by making the box slightly larger and adding some fake wall with midtex, but I thought I'd ask, just to learn some more about monster behavior.

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The monster hit boxes remain strictly aligned. However, it's possible that the movement code moves the imp first on one axis and then on the other; since it already does that for vertical movement (first horizontal, then vertical), resulting in the one-way stairs bug. I'd look into the movement code to check, but I know it'd just give me a headache.

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Muha, I can remember making a staircase like that once upon a time, Dooms movement code is full of allsorts of oddities and imprecisions (plasma bump, wallrunning, thingrunning etc). I guess it explains why monsters appear to turn on the spot (pinky comes to mind).

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