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I'm having a small issue with Cold As Hell: Special Edition

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Every time I fire a gun, my point of view shifts up just a little bit, so I need to reset my view every couple of shots. Is this an intended behavior (some sort of recoil effect?), or some kind of glitch? This doesn't happen with any of the other WADs I've tried.

I'm using GZDoom 1.4.6 to run it. I googled around and didn't find anything related to this. I also tried deleting the ini to make sure it wasn't some weird conflicting buttons issue. Still happens.

Anyone ever heard of this? Thanks in advance.

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The recoil is an intended effect. I believe it's suggested that you play using mouse aiming, as that makes it easier to compensate for it.

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Ah. Alright then. I'm playing on my laptop, so I was going full keyboard, but I suppose I can dig up a mouse or use my desktop. As long as I know it's not a bug, it's cool.

Thanks for the help.

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