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Texture problem

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Hi all! I'm kind of new to the Boom editing scene, but I've been mapping for Skulltag for 2 years, and decided to have a go at the Boom configuration.

So, I made a little map to test out stuff (custom textures and the like), but whenever I want to test my map, the wall textures just don't want to show, making it a massive sector-bleeding/HOM orgy.

What I should be seeing:

What I get:

I'm suspecting the custom textures are to blame; a little help would be nice though.

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I suspect whichever port you're testing with can't find some of your custom textures in the wad's texture lump.

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A big difference between Skulltag and GLBoom is that the latter does not load TEXTUREx lumps cumulatively like ZDoom does...

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