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Extreme wads.

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Posting information about DV-Zero.wad and asking are there any more extreme huge wads around that are as big as this one, but do not suck as much? I want a gigantic enormous Doom2 wad to play, just one map but it is hard like Dv-Zero, whilst not sucking. The main problem with Deus Vult Shadowrunner edition, is that it lags too much to play once you get past the SS dudes and get near the rape corridor. The one labeled as a rape area, not that the map is not rape overall. I know about Deus Vult 2 but I want something I have not played yet.

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Holy Hell

MAP01 has nearly 7000 monsters spread throughout several rooms so it shouldn't lag heavily. Initially the outside area can be boring as your given a breadth of space to manoeuvre however it shines upon entering the main building. Plenty of large scale fights in tightly controlled areas with balanced ammo placement, meaning you have to save your BFG for the right moment.

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