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What Odamex Server Do YOU Want?

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I'm trying to find some more Boom-compatible (or Vanilla!) pwads to host for my Odamex servers.

If you were to open the Odamex Server Browser, what would be the first configuration YOU would look for if you were wanting to join a game?

Please note that I am mostly looking for Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch suggestions, but feel free to mention good cooperative maps too if you want.

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UDM1-3 and X anthology.

All DWANGO mapsets in one.

kristus said:

All I really wanna do is play Map01 and Judas23_ :p

A duel server that switches between MAP01, D5M1, D5M7, JUDAS23_ and KING1.

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Viewtiful-Chris said:

None, because I play Skulltag.

Then why take the time to bother posting in this thread?

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Viewtiful-Chris said:

It took about ten seconds to type out, "None, because I play Skulltag."

It would have taken fewer seconds to think "Does this post contribute to the thread in any meaningful way that will matter to literally anyone but myself?" and not post anything at all.

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