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Autosave Feature?

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Will there be an autosave feature that will save after 5 or 30 minutes?
The autosave feature is disabled until you save the wad
It can be useful for not losing data

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An autosave option certainly wouldn't hurt. Although it might become somewhat annoying in large maps because of the long delay during nodebuilding.

If the DB crashes, it doesn't mean all work is lost, however. There's still a version of the map (latest workstep) in the temp directory - the largest .tmp file.

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The autosave could be a partial save (no nodebuilding at all); since the data that really matters is the vertexes/sidedefs/linedefs/sectors one; everything else can be rebuilt from that. (In fact, some source ports such as ZDoom or Doomsday don't even need prebuilt nodes.)

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