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Please help me find a wad

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hello, i remember finding a wad over skulltag that was realy fun, but i dont remember the name, and i deleted it. so, heres what i remember:

you start in a room that is completly red, and some dude that sounds like pinhead from hellraiser is talking to you. the is a box like object that says "RAPE" if you pull the switch, it takes away alot of your health. there is a portal you go threw, and there are places where spectators can watch. the enemies come from various games, 1 of them is a black cyberdemon who uses the ST BFG. one of the weapons is the sawn off from Blood. Does anyone know what i'm talking about?

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are you saying that in a good or bad way? lol.
the was very good, it was an invasion wad.

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Is there a nother link?
I cant go to skulltag forums.
It says i'm ban, But i'm not even a user there. :(

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