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fatal error

Doomsday fail video

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This is not Doomsday fail. This is severe video card/driver fail. Have you tried updating the driver?

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Have you reported these problems properly to the Doomsday devs?

I've seen videos like this to do with Zdoom, Risen3D, Doomsday and I'm sure other ports too. Personally, I think it comes across as a bit crass, smug and gloating to, rather than reports bugs sensibly, stick a video up on Youtube proclaiming the "fail" of the port.


[edit] beaten by DaniJ [/edit]

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fatal error (in YouTube video) said:

I've installed doomsday on 3 computers
a windows vista pc, a windows xp pc,
and a windows xp asus eee pc laptop.

It only works on the laptop...

The laptop's a keeper, lob the others into the first dumpster you see - they're clearly inadequate. :P

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If this were a common problem we would know about it. Fact is, that it clearly is not as you are the first person to report it. The last version release of Doomsday was made over four months ago and in that time not one user has reported a similar problem.

The "wall bouncing" is a separate issue that has been fixed for the forthcoming 1.9.0-Beta6.9 release.

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