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Carny Goat

Weapons question for zdoom

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This may seem like a small post. But this has been bugging me for 15 minutes. For some reason I can't switch to my empty weapons in Zdoom.

Anything that runs out of ammo just switches to the weapon that does have ammo or doesn't use any ammo. And it never allows me to switch back to the empty weapons! This gets annoying for a few wads and mods that I use.

GENERAL QUESTION: Is there a command that allows me to switch back to empty weapons so I can drop them? Or some option that toggles this "that" I can't seem to find?

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Ummm, thanks! I hope that option gets added. It would come in handy for playing the new "Aeon's of Death V5.0" mod that's been released recently.

That's it for this post.

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