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Stuff I found on Newgrounds

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Not sure if any of you have seen any of this stuff before, but I was on Newgrounds just now and found some interesting Doom stuff.

Dumbass Doom:

Flash DooM 2D (Doom becomes a 2D platformer. Kinda sweet, and nicely made!):

Doom Hunt:

Doom Invaders (Doom meets Space Invaders. Pretty cool considering I'm a big Space Invaders fan):

Doom Soundboard:

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I wanted to like Dumbass Doom, I really did but I couldn't even crack a chuckle. Also Dumbass Doom NSFW, there's titties in it. I did however like the part where the monsters were storming in over the mountains, and floors rose up revealing barrels, I gotta make a mental note to implement that idea into a map.

The Masters of Doom: The Animated Series is by far the best newgrounds.com doom video ever.

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