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Carny Goat

Zdoom forums... Delightful?

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Once upon a time...

I wanted to start on a few of my modding projects a few years ago, I tried getting help from the makers, or people really familiar with the engine itself, to give me some pointers on enemy placement and custom level functions.

The welcome wasn't quite nice as I got bashed by two or seven members in the first 10 minutes after I submitted a suggestion request post. First of all, I said nothing to upset them, my tone was relaxed and nice. And I felt kinda, sad that I still did not get my questions answered, or some nice tips needed for my map design.

50 minutes later, out of all the bashing, trolling, and really unnecessary name calling after I said nothing than the general post for that time period. One admin gave me some good advice on the question I asked, and I left to continue my project happily.

I come back 3 weeks later to find my post deleted, and private message on my profile about a one day remaining till' telling me I was gonna be banned for posting. I thought this had to be some sort of joke, but the message told me I was the one to blame for the masses of trolling after submitting one small post like "Hi, I'm wanting to know how to build a few custom entities and know what would be some nice placements for my sprites.

So, the ban wasn't a joke, and I was perma-banned at all levels for nothing, and the ban message that was given to my email said "Haha, pwned like a newb!" I did not know either to feel bad, or confused.

My biggest question, and why I could never really get back into Zdoom Forums, was "Are the folks around there always this strange, why did they do all that instead of answering like a gentlemen?" I'm kinda shocked that my post was:

"Hi all, I'm finally gonna start out on a new level project and would like some tips and such for enemy placement and 3D platform elevators. Suggestions and tips are welcome! ^_^"

Plus, It felt kinda nice to have at least one nice person from their give me some useful information in 3D floors, I wish I could thank him for that...

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Man, if I get banned here, how will I be able to get technical advice?

This post is not about trolling or anything of the sort, I was just explaining how I lost my membership over nothing in Zdoom Forums.

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This appears to be a mistake, I don't want to take any chances of getting in trouble. I'm sorry if this conflicts with anyone's political views on Forums, a post like this it won't happen again..

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