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Gibbage - I am the rocket man

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Download Gibbage

This started off as an incredibly dumb idea but after implementing it for a laugh it turned out that it was... still incredibly dumb.

Gibbage forces you to use the rocket launcher at all times (you're not even allowed to use fists) and replaces all ammo and weapons with rockets, however, all enemy projectiles are also replaced with rockets! The upshot of all this is a fast paced game where instant death lurks around every corner. As a side effect, imps tend to kill themselves a lot and all projectile spamming enemies have a tendency to infight each other, but I kept this in rather than fix it because I thought it was pretty funny and helped make levels a bit less excruciatingly difficult.

The wad contains no levels on its own and is designed to be added on to existing levels to change the gameplay, although I can't guarantee that a lot of levels are possible, let alone playable. ZDoom version 2.4.1 is required, so basically the latest versions of Zdoom and GZDoom. Unfortunately, Skulltag isn't yet compatible (not even the latest beta) which is a shame. It uses a script numbered 543, so hopefully there won't be any conflicts with other script using wads.

There's a few other minor tweaks implemented, specifically, berserk packs are swapped with soulspheres (you won't be using that extra punch power) and all armour absorbs 99% of damage (was originally 100% but resulted in no pain sounds being generated when you were hit if you lost no health).

Here's some ridiculous screenshots for the hell of it:

Gibbage 2 It

Speed of Gibbage


In case you're wondering why I'm posting something so silly it's because I think the gameplay idea actually has some potential, but it's going to need its own levels created around such a ridiculous concept so I just wanted to see if anyone felt it might be worth pursuing, and also because someone out there might want to try it out. Besides, a stand alone wad to alter levels in other wads would be made anyway, so here you go.

For bonus fun, try playing it on Nightmare!

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Heheh, cool stuff. Maps 4, 8, and 9 of newgothic look actually possible. Maybe up the amount of rockets off basic RL drops, it's pretty easy to run out of ammo when dealing with just zombies.

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Wow, I'm surprised some people out there actually like it. Thanks! I think if someone else made this I'd probably look at the description at turn away in disgust. (But the whole thing was never originally intended to be serious anyway so it's not like it matters).

Anyway, the download in the link above has now changed (you may need to empty your browser's cache if you keep getting the old one) and gives double the amount of ammo from all pickups than it did before (so quadruple in ITYTD and Nightmare) because ammo problems tended to be more common than I liked. Also, your ammo will now be kept between levels should you manage to actually complete one and will give you some more if you end a level with critically low ammo.

I've decided that the concept is fun enough that it should have some levels specifically designed for it, so expect a sequel some time far away in the future.

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I like it too! I just need to find the right wad to use it on. Sunder sounds like a good idea.

I tried loading this up with Plutonia, thinking it would still be the toughest iwad when used with this mod, but I'm not sure that's the case. Archviles and pain elementals don't get any more dangerous with this mod (unless you have to fight them in close quarters) and revenants lose their homing ability, so Plutonia's bestiary isn't hugely boosted. On the other hand, the tight, imp and cacodemon-heavy spaces of Doom 1 become significantly deadlier. Just now I crawled through the whole of e1m2 (which included manipulating zombies into opening the chainsaw secret for me) only for the last imp of the level to ride up the little lift in front of the exit switch and take me by surprise.

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This is a fun and interesting weapons mod concept and I ended up playing through Doom 2 Map23 on UV(heh I pick a map at random). I can imagine some people playing this on Alien Vendetta or Kama Sutra.

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