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how to use music pack wad in edge source port?

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Ok well I extracted sycraft's dynamic high quality ogg music pack and it works fine in zdoom (had to create and put music ogg's inside music folder inside the pk3 or else wouldn't work). Only level that doesn't play music is e4m1 (first level in thy flesh consumed). It gets an error about the right side of the wall not being connected or something... E1m8 plays fine however... Happens in latest gzdoom as well so I'm guessing it's zdoom bug related and not my fault? I compiled both gzdoom and zdoom latest as of time of this posting with libfmodex 4.28.02.so so I don't know...

In latest edge source port (compiled it from scratch no errors) I get no music whatsoever. Timidity works but not the music pak despite being loaded... I made a different pk3 so that the music files are no longer inside a music folder and are just sitting at the root of the pk3 but still no luck. I enabled "enable extras" in the menu options and changed music output from timidity to system numerous times and still no go. I'm assuming it's not the right way to use music wads with edge?

Not only is edge my favorite source port for playing vanilla like doom for various reasons. According to others it has the best music-sound engine out of all source ports. Another reason why I use it is because the chainsaw doesn't drop out other sounds (pickups) like in zdoom despite having snd_channels 64 or higher. Only thing it could use I think are resampling filters like cubic spline and what not. Also 48000khz output for Sound blaster live!-audigyx (emu10kx or higher) users. Lucky for me I get bit perfect output with alc888 onboard. Also the pk_doom_sfx.wad from this fellow http://www.perkristian.net/game_doom-sfx.shtml I believe have some sounds @ 32000khz and maybe others according to what he said. yeah.

Edge does apparently seem to officially support ogg's not only with music but sounds as well so yeah...

I'm on linux if that even matters.

So yeah like I really REALLY want sycraft's music to work using EDGE source port! Please help...

Ok was playing in zdoom some more and the intermission music doesn't play. Damn... Just how hard is it to get sycraft's ogg music to work in ports other than doomsday? Not only is it popular but you can only use doomsday it seems with out any b.s.. Do know if it makes a difference but pk3 i made is actually a zip file using storage compression (no compression) and then renamed to .pk3 sooo....

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WildWeasel said:

Isn't the PK3 directory structure different between Doomsday and ZDoom?

It is.

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hey thanks for those two links. I'm gonna try that out and figure out what's going on. It's great that you repacked the music with a smaller size and compatibility with what many consider the best doom source port. 56kers will be happy about it.

Could you maybe explain the directory structure and naming scheme used? I was testing final doom tnt with the pk3 I repacked through zdoom and it plays the freakin' doom 2 music... Yeah no shit. I hope I don't sound like an asshole but I prefer the higher quality ogg's vs the mp3's @ 80kbps stereo. I'm assuming they were transcoded from the ogg's and not the author's source to mp3 correct? I would agree that they are kept however especially for 56kers. It also seems you're missing the final doom tnt portion of sycraft's music pack.

Whatever happened to these http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/41149-original-full-quality-doom-12-soundtrack/ ? Was there ever anything released for Final Doom. This sorta thing would be even better since it's true to the original.

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Holering said:

Just how hard is it to get sycraft's ogg music to work in ports other than doomsday?

You obviously haven't tried Risen3D

Just noticed that you are on Linux. So ignore this since Risen3D is Windows only.

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Well sycrafts soundtrack doesn't seem to work with zdoom unless certain songs are multiplied to the corresponding level... Is it possible to make links to the corresponding tracks instead of wasting disk space on the same song and putting it all into a pk3?

I've put together a different music pack using SGM-V2.01.sf2 soundfont, foobar2000 (via wine), midi plugin (fluidsynth backend) and just converting all *.mus music files into *.wav. Under midi plugin I used fluid synth and checked off all checkmarks without knowing wtf they do. Set samplerate to 44100khz. Used (apply gain and prevent clipping according to peak). After I had all my *.wav's I did flac -e -p -8 *.wav to get all music files into flac format. Changed musics folder (yeah musics is what it's called in the original wad) into music since zdoom only likes it that way go figure. Zipped it into a non compressed pack renamed to .pk3 of course (that is for each corresponding .wad). Now everything freakin' works the way it's supposed to.

This soundfont sounds awesome to me as it makes the soundtrack sound extremely organic and real-non synthesized. I always used it under windows XP (used the 150mb version in windows me) and had no trouble with it on my sound blaster live!. On linux however I decided to ditch the live! as nothing supports hardware access to the midi synth on the card despite having soundfonts loaded in hardware. So I ditched the sblive and went onboard sound as not only does it support bit perfect playback but it's got the same SNR if not better than the sblive.

There's horrible midi lag with timidity however so this is the only way for me to go without lag and all that other bullshit. Other source ports for doom don't even support soundfonts via timidity. Your better off using patches (EAW's patches) via timidity since there's no lag and it sounds pretty good (doesn't compare to SGM's soundfont IMO). It's funny actually because for some reason zdoom won't do 44100khz with OSS sound drivers in linux (maybe it's my fault @ compiling?). I aint using alsa as it's always stuck @ 48000khz and it's a bitch to work around other problems like sound lag. OSS is way better IMO especially with wine and dosbox.

I'd also like to get in contact with SGM and know what sampling rate he/she (it?) made this soundfont for (it says audigy on homepage so maybe 48000khz was intended).

I don't even know if it's ok for me to upload it anywhere as none if this stuff is my work and I only put it together but otherwise I'd be more than willing to upload it somewhere (it's over 1.5gb!!!). If anyone is interested in these repacks I put together let me know and perhaps I should even start a new thread for it?

EDIT TO HAWKWIND: That risen3d actually looks better than doomsday but unfortunately when I play doom it's gotta be vanilla or at least as close as you can get to that. I like the chunky looking chunks on from my eyeballs.

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