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Hell's Maw

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God, it's hot down here. You're currently in Hell, and nearly about to die from dehydration. Your newly-found Chaingun can't do anything about that, sadly.
After you stepped into the SlipGate a couple hours ago, you wondered where you might be taken. Of course, it stands to reason that you would be warped here, of all places. But with demons all over the place, what could you do? It was either warp or die, and you didn't plan on dying any time soon.
You know that soon, you're going to be attacked by the Hellspawn. You don't know if you'll survive the initial attack, but you do know that you'll have something to vent your anger on. "Hiiiiisssss!!!!" You turn around, and are not very suprised to see a Cacodemon floating behind you. His one eye glows menacingly, and he opens his giant mouth to fry you with a Lightning Ball. You sidestep out of the way, and the LB hits the ground beside you. You let fire with a yell, and are so high on adrenaline that you don't know you've been knocked down until you see the Caco floating directly overhead of you. You quickly leap to your feet, filled with overpowering rage. You blast the thing's eye out, and the Caco lets out a high-pitched squeal of pain. You fire a couple more times, and the Caco hits the ground, where he splatters on impact.
As you wander on, thunder rolls in the distance. A rainstorm in Hell? Nah. Probably something more Hell-oriented. You don't notice the building until you're in front of it. Man, you could do with some water right now. ANYTHING liquid, for that matter, as long as it's not blood or anything bodily-related. The building appears to tbe made of flesh and blood, and-maybe you're hearing things?-it seems to be ALIVE, somehow. You touch the door softly with your hand, and it opens quickly up. In front of you are three Imps, all of which are snacking up on what was probably a human at one time. Not so anymore. The guy's bones are nearly picked clean, and his blood has splattered the nearby walls. You grit your teeth to stop yourself from puking, and maybe they hear you, for they turn around, gaze at you for a few seconds, then scream shrilly. They don't have time to do anything else, however. You blast all of them, before they can even think of throwing a Firebal your way.
You're not in the clear yet, however. Immediately after killing those three Imps, you're teleported outside. You don't hear anything, except for the ethereal hum of a Teleporter that will posssibly take you back home.In front of you is a Soul Sphere of all things, a Backpack(full of ammo!), and a couple of Bullet Boxes. You scoop up the Bullet Boxes and load the bullets into your CG. You hear a bone-chilling CL-CLANK! CL-CLANK!, CL-CLANK! sounding from your right. You turn that way quickly, tense and alert, but you don't see anything. You grab the Soul Sphere, and are instantly refreshed. The CL-CLANK!ing starts again, and this time there is no doubt about it-it's a CyberDemon!
The thing strides out into the clearing. You get your CG ready to do some heavy duty firing. WhoooooOOOOSH!! A Rocket comes sailing your way, but you easily sidestep it. You fire back at the CD, who obstinately refuses to die without a long, hard fight. As you strafe, fire, strafe, and fire some more, you think, maybe, this thing was what caused all that death back at the Ceres Station. Suddenly a stray Rocket slams into you with all the force of a freight train, and you're knocked backwards, off the ground, maybe a hundred feet or more. You slam into a scraggly tree that's been dead for some time, and smash it into smithereens. You angrily clear the cobwebs out of your mind, get back to your feet and rush at the CD, firing all the time. Finally, after much firing, and desparate strafing, the thing roars out, "AAARRRGGHHH!!!" and explodes! You are victorious, once more, against the arcane Forces of Hell! You step triumphantly, bleeding and bruised but still game, into the Teleporter and are warped back Home......

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