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Most Vanilla Doom-like port

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A'right I've finally decided to download a source port for Doom, but only because my vanilla Doom is starting to have problems.
But I've had tremendous difficulty finding a satisfactory port.

I'm looking for a source port capable of playing like Vanilla Doom, without the ability to look up/down, jump, crouch etc.
Doom 4 windows was very close indeed to meeting my standards, but it didn't allow me to customize my controls (which is an important aspect imo).
Edge is good, even though it has a lot of features not in Vanilla (most of these can be turned off though), but it didn't have the option to turn off look up/down, but the thing which really turned me off was that it had an annoying tendency to slowly look down, while the player moves forward.

So, I need a port (which is downloadable mind you - half of the damn files refuse to be downloaded), which runs from windows 98 and plays exactly like Vanilla Doom and has the exact same screen resolution as Vanilla (but the option to set the video mode to higher resolution is always nice).

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I love you mate!
You just made my day, woohooo!

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