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Just Cause 2

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Most people (Like me) Have never played just cause 1,my guess is that it never made it over sea,


I got this game for my birthday and I was afraid to play it,I popped it in hoping it was decent,Instead I got a game that not only was worth the time,but gave me what i would call an Ideal game

If your looking for a good story,don't buy this game,The game is played on the fictional courrupted country of panu (I think thats what its called) In order to save the people,you must blow up all of their natural resources........ I know

Just cause 2 is what I would call the textbook definition of a sandbox game.Armed with a grapling hook on your arm and a infinate amount of parachutes,you objective is to do whatever the fuck you want,You wanna hook a car down to the road while its traveling at 80 miles per hour,go ahead,You wanna scale a building with your grapling hook,Do it,you wanna highjack a plaine and crash it into an enemy base,DO IT.This game has no limitaitions at all,Unlike GTA where you only get certain parts of the map to start out with,you can go anywhere on the island in any point of the game,which leads me to my next point,this island is FUCKING HUGE.It took me a hour an hour to get to the other side of the island,that alone states just how much area there is in the game,While you blow shit up, you get chaos,chaos adds to many things like next faction mission or next black market weapon.The weapons are basic,handgun,sub machine gun sniper rifle,etc,the vehicles are plenty,jets,helicopters,cars,bikes,boats,shitloads of vehicles that you shouldn't have any problem with causing destruction with.


For a huge game,they did a damn good job making the island look like an island,it looks great and thats how it should in a sandbox game,a realistic surrounding to destroy shit in,it was kinda cool watching scorpio's body get covered in snow as he runs through snow

Hilairiously Bad,Next


Everything in the game,sounds how it should sound,the jets sound like jets and the cars sound like cars,they did a great job with every sound in the game,it fits perfectly with the gameplay EXCEPT.The soundtrack,their is only 1 song throughtout the game and that song comes on when your attacking panu officials,In short,plug in an ipod or use music off the consoleif you get bored of no songs

This is a game that I would buy at the full retail price,if you can find any used copies cheap,get it

In all,Just cause 2 is a fantastic game that deserves a place in any gamers collection its for both consoles so their really is no excuse not to have it,Im giving this game a solid 9.5,Fix the voice acting and add a soundtrack and its a 10

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Definitely agreed with the voice acting, holy balls that is absolutely terrible. Just, you have to see it for yourself.

And eh, I thought this game deserved a rent once or twice, as although it is a sandbox game (an ideal one at that), truth is that even GTA or other such sandbox games get boring after a while of doing... well... whatever you want to do. Direction is kind of key in games to keep the players focus.

Grappling hook is an awesome idea, I love attaching a box of missles to the bottom of a helicopter, then dropping it on a local gas station. Don't know how that will help the locals though...

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Just Cause 1... Heh. I remember, my friend bought it for 50$ when it was new for PC just because he wanted to listen to the ridiculous Spanish music.

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Hell's Vendetta said:

This is the kind of game that's best not to be taken seriously.

It IS great fun though.

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I downloaded the demo on steam last night. The voice acting is atrocious. The car physics are horrible. The towns/roads all seem to be computer generated and cleaned up, rather than designed. Being able to attach yourself to a gas cylinder and fire one self into the atmosphere? Awesome.

Don't think I will buy it though.

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I like flying the jets around, doing stunts, and shooting other planes down. Sniping at 2000m on top of a speeding jet fighter...? Fuck year!

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