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ScoreDoomST Beta Released

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ScoreDoomST, a version of ScoreDoom built with the Skulltag 97c2 source release, is now out as a final beta. The purpose of ScoreDoomST is to take advantage of Skulltag's client/server code for proper Internet co-op play. This beta should be very stable and comes with its own add-on pack, which has been extensively tested but needs final testing. For the download and more information, please visit the ScoreDoomST beta download page.

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Thanks for posting.
But the [url] links need to be edited in the news submission. For some reason there are '""' instead '"' for the urls, which point back to doomworld, probably my bad.
For now you can go to scoredoom and download from there.

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Shaikoten said:

That's pretty awesome, nice to see some work actively done using the ST source.

Thanks. I was really psyched to work with the ST source, since it was the first engine I wanted to build with, as cooperative was my major focus.

I also updated the beta which fixes a major bug with players disconnecting & monster infighting. The server would crash after a player would leave, when/before infighting happened and I thought it was add-on pack related (even though it made no technical sense) , since it would happen mostly with the add-on pack. It seems that it was because there is more infighting with the add-on pack that I was seeing it more.
Regardless, this patch should fix server stability considerably, with or without add-on pack. My test server is running it now.

Beta, updated to v3b. grab from usual: http://www.scoredoom.com/scoredoomSTBeta-README.html

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Yet another update to the 'final' beta :P, download & more info here: http://www.scoredoom.com/scoredoomSTBeta-README.html

The 'Using unknown weapon type' 97c2ST bug should be squashed now which sometimes caused players clicking on fire during intermissions to be kicked. (Thanks to Torr Samaho for the help!)

Other major bug fixes too.

I'm planning for this to be the last beta before the first full release late spring/early summer.

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I have a full release candidate up. Download from usual:

Summary of changes:
* SDST Add-on pack is now enforced on client authentication.
-Since ScoreDoomST is hardcoded to use the SDST-Add-on Pack, clients that try and connect to a
server will be audited to see if they should be playing with the add-on pack, and if so, if
they have the 'correct' version that the server is running. Clients will be kicked if (i) they
need to add the pack, (ii) they need to remove the pack, (iii) they need to get the correct version
that the server is using.

If nothing showstopping shows up, full release will be this weekend.

* Extra health drops lessened.

* Tweaks to SDST add-on pack, including making the Boss-Rush more challenging.

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