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MAP10 unused areas

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In MAP10, if you go farther than the FAC/UAC/wahtever base backdoor exit, you find a subway tunnel. Around in here is a sewer system with a switch and a hellishly subverted area. Past that is two buildings, one of which you can go inside and supposedly go up to the roof of the other one (there are player starts there for DM) with a suspicious pillar. Why not extend the map to there? The way it is right now is a little anti-climactic to me. (It's a great map anyway)

EDIT: You have to noclip to get to these areas. Use IDDT and you can see on the map what i'm talking about and go there easier.)

EDIT: Shit, while I was writing this I spaced out while reading something about map13 and typed that in instead. I fixed it and I apologize about the mixup.

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I (wesleyjohnson) made a new map13 for FreeDoom.
It starts at the loading dock. It has four ways to enter the buildings and start play. In the back lot, it features a large crusher with conveyors feeding it. Further back is a railroad track and more docks.
It has an narrow underground service passage that leads to the area across the street.

The released version still has the old map where you start at a broken floor with a pool of slime you have to swim through. This map13 had a broken exit and a back room that could not be escaped.

I do not recognize your description as applying to either of these level maps. I do not recognize anything that would be described as a subway tunnel.
What map13 are you playing ???

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I know where you are. MAP10 used to play out there, but it was so broken that lately they just chopped it off. The little fenced courtyard where the exit is now, used to go under the building, along
a corridor, around underground to end up under that building (conceptually).
I really liked the unique features of that area. Not a subway tunnel, but seemed to be some kind of industrial tracks.
The stairway could not be descended, there was no exit from the room
with the ladder.

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