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giving away half-finished wad

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I am willing to generously donate my half-finished wad to anyone who wants it - I'd been working on it for a long time a year or two ago, but here I have no good computer to work with so I decided I might as well give it to anyone who would appreciate it or be able to build upon / finish it. I think I had posted screenies a while back (maybe in a cc4 thread) but I doubt I will ever work on it again, unfortunate as that is.

If interested, contact me and I will try to email it. I don't even know if the wad I have is still intact because the last few times I tried to open it, it had some errors - I don't know if it's the wad's fault or the crappy computer's, but in any case you can attempt to run it on a doom-compatible computer and see if it works.

I would of course prefer to be credited with whatever work I put into it, if it is ever modified and/or released, but at this point I don't really care as long as someone else can benefit from all the time/ideas I put into it.

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I would take it if it wasn't for Mr Snow Cone :P however if such situation arises, I'd be glad to finish if Mr Freeze doesn't want to or can't. Just PM if that's the case. Pity you couldn't finish it though, it was looking to become a nice map.

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I should have it any day now (just have to copy to my flashdrive to bring here).

About the map itself, I was already thinking of another way to re-make it - mostly the same, but just some overall "atmospheric" modifications, so as to be more consistent with itself. But again, I can't use DB here, so :(

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