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Putting in a weapon that is switchable with an existing weapon

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So I want to put in a custom chaingun. But I don't want it to 'overwrite' the chaingun. Rather, I want the player to still be able to switch between the chaingun and the new custom chaingun, in the same way as the player can switch between single barrel and double barrel shotguns once both are picked up.

How is this done?

Thanks people :)

I am mapping for ZDoom (Doom in Hexen) btw.

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Here is an example of a weapon in the same slot as the Chaingun for Zdoom

done in DECORATE of course.

actor SuperChaingun : Weapon 9999
Weapon.SlotNumber 4
Weapon.SelectionOrder 100
Weapon.AmmoUse 1
Weapon.AmmoGive 50
Weapon.AmmoType "Clip"
Inventory.PickupMessage "$GOTCHAINGUN" // "You got the super chaingun"
Obituary "$OB_MPCHAINGUN" // "%o was mowed down by %k's Super chaingun."

CHGG A 1 A_WeaponReady
CHGG A 1 A_Lower
CHGG A 1 A_Raise
CHGG AB 1 A_FireCGun
CHGG B 0 A_ReFire
Goto Ready
CHGF A 5 Bright A_Light1
Goto LightDone
CHGF B 5 Bright A_Light1
Goto LightDone

It's just a copy of the Chaingun with the shot frams set to 1tick rather then 4ticks.

You can add the "Weapon.SlotNumber" on the weapon to determin which slot it will be available in. hope this helped out a bit =)

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Man I suck with decorate, but I am gonna go have a play with this.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated. :)


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