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GZdoom (or any with 3D sectors) simulated swimable liquid water

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I was playing around with a effect before adding it to a map I'm almost done with. problem is I can't quite figure out at the moment what causes the problem I need help with.

In this

If you look at the container with the water in it, is it possible to make it transparent from an over-view and not just when your in it? or is the engine limited to that.

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I was a bit wasted yesterday when I posted this so I wasn't sure what I was doing, though yeah it's the 160 settings. Hehe but thanks for actually looking at it and replying.

I should have one of those alcohol-locks hiwired in to my PC to prevent me from posting stupidity when I'm in that state.

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Yeah you can change the speed and altitude of the sectors that go up and down, just fire it up in doombuilder and check the script.

The script in the wad isn't the actual one I've been working on (It's a straight rip from Hexen with a few mods)

so your free to do whatever with it. Only reason I copied it was to better understand how it worked, also I couldn't get the same effect with just the normal waggle scripting I started out with.

You should note that if you make them waggle too much you will end up making the sectors move too much, breaking the illusion. also more and smaller sectors waggling will make for a better effect.


made another quick test map just for the sake of this post.
(should be run in GZdoom or any other Zdoom based OpenGL port)

that map shows a good way to make a flesh like level with waggle floors/ceilings.
take note I just did this map for shows. so it has tons of bugs and again it's using the Hexen script since I couldn't be bothered to make a new one.

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