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Help death match doom with home network?

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I am going to get an old computer and a linksys router. I will hook up the computer i already have and the (new/old) one i am getting to the router and from there to my cable modem. Will i be able to play death match games with the 2 computers and will people from the net be able to join in. I do not wanna get a server. heh i realy dont know where to start?? how will i go about doing this and will doom work with a router??? And how about other games like quake, duke nukem3d and half life will they use the same settings as doom???

I will be running XP on one and 2000 on the other..


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Go HERE to play Doom online and host a server. You may need to mess with your router to let both computers get online. The second computer should be able to join the game. Then others can join the game any time they want.

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