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Torgau (Germany): Elbe Day Today (allies in germany / second world war)

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Today april 25th 2010 american and russian brigades celebrated the handshake of the allies from april 25th 1945. Let's drink some beer, heh? :-P

Here is the whole article in german: TEXT and here the translation by this software:

Torgau (TZ). This morning about eleven o'clock a spectacle of quite special kind offers to itself passers-by in the capital town: Under police escort historical military technology on the Elbwiesen is transported in preparation of the festivities beginning tomorrow to the 65-year-old jubilee of the historical meeting on the Elbe near Torgau. Here the Torgauer association plans military-historical bicycle vehicles and track-laying vehicles on the coming week-end a bivouac.

„Who has already seen it in 2005 at the same place, that can fancy something concrete“, according to association chairperson Gerald Ermel under the whole. „It is a matter for us, primarily of adjusting the significant slap since 25th of April, 1945 the original scene, the place of the meeting between Russian and Americans. This must remain in the heads of the people in recollection.“ To form the whole so clearly as possible, something is brought up as at the beginning mentioned in historical military technology and is presented. Gerald Ermel: „Including will be a Russian tank of the type T-34 as well as a Russian headstrong mg shooter SU-100, this technology makes available to us the company Scaffolding construction Jörn Cohesive from Dresden. There still there come an American fight tank as well as a Russian swimming tank.“

The representation of the meeting with a translation about the river is planned on Saturday or Sunday about 14 o'clock. „We cannot commit ourselves to the minute exactly there because we must follow the navigation on the Elbe. It is also planned that passenger liner journeys from Torgau take place during the Elbe Days“, according to Gerald Ermel. It will be in such a way that with heavy technology from bridgehead is driven in the direction of the Elbe. Gerald Ermel: „We will accrete with the swimming tank below the monument of the meeting on the urban bank side. There the Americans and it expect us the historical slap occurs.“ The actors will slip in the roles of the generals Russakow and Reinhardt.

The association military-historical bicycle vehicles and track-laying vehicles is prepared in the bivouac also for the receipt of prominent guests, there will be specially for this a VIP's area. During the whole duration of the bivouac the reproached technology is available to the inspection. „We will show predominantly Russian technology. There come the vehicles which we need for the organisation and practical care of the bivouac“, explains Gerald Ermel. Thus the visitors will also get to see armoured personnel carrier carriage as well as a mobile rocket carrier beside the tanks. With the equipment of the bivouac it is begun from today.

If the technology starts moving today in the course of the morning of the association area in the Torgauer brickyard way, this will be a sight which one does not get thus in this kind immediately again compulsory, says Gerald Ermel: „We will be present as an association, by the way, during the day of the German beer on the marketplace of the capital town. All in all, we are glad about hopefully numerous visitors in our bivouac and wish the Elbe Day in 2010 on our part a good course.“

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April 25th is also Italy's Liberation Day. I was in Rome for that. The president and the pope gave a speech, there were wreath layings, etc.

Apparently an important day all around!

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