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Seeking a program(mer) for creating simple "lottery"

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The International Doom League is about to enter its eighth season and has proven to be one of, if not THE, most successful organized Doom competitions of all time. As we enter the new season, we have decided that we would like to take our draft system in a new direction and I've come up with a system based on teams' previous rank from the prior season. The system is pretty simple, but will likely require at least a minimal program to output a fair set of results.

The new draft system is basically what I would deem a "lottery". It will take a team's rank from the prior season and multiply it by a given power. We have not decided on which power to use yet, but here is a table I created which shows the varying powers applied to ranks and the number of chances each team would receive.

For example, say we went with power of 4. The team that finished in last place in the last season (EBL) was rank 8. So to calculate the number of chances they'd get at receiving first overall pick, all you'd do is 8^4 to come up with 4096 total chances. You'd do this for all teams down to rank 1.

Then once all the chances are totaled, the program would then randomly select one of teams based on the chances they have. Once that team is picked, all of their chances come off the board so all the odds will change again. This will weight the worse teams so that they get better picks overall, but are not guaranteed first overall pick if they choose to bomb their season in the final weeks.

It would be preferable if teams could just be input with their chances manually in case we change the way in which the chances are applied.

Have I explained this clearly enough and is there anybody that would be interested or capable of possibly putting something like this together for the IDL? It doesn't need to be pretty, it just needs to work.


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