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Looking for a Doom-Connector-like application for Linux

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I recently downloaded the source code to ZDoom, and, having compiled it and set it up under my Linux PC, I'd like to play online. Is there an application like Doom Connector that I can use to play Doom online using Linux? If not, can someone at least point me towards a website that contains a list of running ZDoom/PrBoom servers?


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exp(x) said:

You can use Doomseeker for Odamex and Skulltag games on linux. Odamex also comes with it's own cross-platform launcher. ZDoom and PrBoom don't have servers you can just jump into.

Doomseeker also has basic support for Chocolate Doom and Vavoom. Connecting to these are a little more difficult seeing as Vavoom lacks a running master, and Chocolate Doom doesn't have one at all (and I'm pretty sure it doesn't allow joining once the game has started).

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