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10 sector 3-5

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Does anyone still have the 3 last megawads from the 10 sector contest held in 2000? /Idgames only have 1 and 2.

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I think these are all the levels from the contest.






From 10sector.txt:

* Megawad Judging Information *

The Doomworld 10 Sectors Contest ran from August 22, 2000 to September 22,
2000. During that time, 138 WADs were submitted.

The judging panel originally consisted of five people: Andrew Bassett,
Matthew Dixon, Martin Friberg, Gaston Lahaut, and Malcolm Sailor.
Unfortunately, Malcolm Sailor had to drop out due to time constraints. The
four remaining judges then took about 5 weeks to sort through the 138 WADs,
with judging reaching completion on November 1, 2000.

The 138 submitted levels were merged into 5 megawads for judging purposes,
with the first four containing 30 levels each and the 5th containing 18
levels. Judges then designated their picks by saying which megawad of the
5 the level was in, and which map slot it filled within that megawad. The
judges were asked to list their favorite 32, 10, 3, and 1, with levels
within the lists in no particular order.

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