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ide 4.80 wad load problem

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Alright, so I just updated from IDE 4.71 to IDE 4.80. With version 4.71, all of my DOOM2 wads loaded single player (with the Skulltag source port) fine. Now, none of them load. I reset all of my directories, and they match up with the locations of the wads. I had no idea there would be a problem with the update, so I deleted IDE version 4.71, and now I can't find it, as the IDE site doesn't have version 4.71 available for download anymore. The link just takes me to the version 4.80 dl page. Can someone help me out with either a link to version 4.71 or a fix for this problem with version 4.80?

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Nice, they fixed the problem asap. I found out that if I put my Skulltag folder in the same folder as IDE (or vice versa) my wads load fine. But now I'll just update. Thanks a lot

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