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Ok so, it's spring summer and I decided to start a casual little megawad project (back in spring)... now with 4 maps (it's still called spring cuz uh, whatever). The 5th is very incomplete, but you can play it anyway :D

Basically I'm looking for criticism on the first four so I can go back and tweak 'em up. They are meant to be played from pistol starts, and I believe there's probably too much ammo at the end of the levels.

Some screens:

Tell me what you think!


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FDA. I thought most of the map was ok, but the big gray room felt really empty and the final battle with infinitely tall things was really annoying the first time through if you want to survey where to go.

Some general doors needing -lower unpegged and some textures just ashwall, but it looked decent otherwise.

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by the way, the port is limit-removing

and, bump

thanks for the fda armoredblood, it really made me want to put a secret on those gray walls :P

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