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My first impressions from a quick walk through -

  • Too many GSTONE doors (few players enjoy wall-humping their way through a map)
  • GSTONE walls, floors and ceilings make for an alignment nightmare
  • Map01 feel a bit cramped
  • There's lots of texture aligning to be done
Taking a look at Map01 in DB2 - there's unclosed sectors in the Blue Key room (Red, Blue & Yellow door markers), Yellow and Red Key room (door tracks). FLOOR7_2 is a worthy substitute for GSTONE on floors & ceilings. Merged more than a dozen redundant sectors and currently about 1/3 of the walls re-aligned.

Map02 has more unclosed sectors and double-sided linedefs backing onto the void.

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Map 1 Positives:
+ Fast gameplay.
+ Lots of weaker monsters to blast.
+ Nice hellish theme.
A good attempt for a first map, a bit short but understandably so. The majority of my critique will be in the "negative" category for this map to help you in your future wads.

Map 1 Negatives:
- Door textures desperately needed - use wooden door textures if possible. Also, some of the existing doors have a face texture on one side but are blank on the other.
- Handgunners stuck together in their niches beside the exit door.
- There's no need to fight two of the Hell Knights, since there is nothing in their rooms to reward the player and there is no need for them to become involved in the game.
- Monsters and room placement are identical so you go through the same rooms and same monsters over and over again. Consider mixing up the architecture and your monster placement, otherwise if this map was longer it might be repetitive.

Map 2 Positives:
+ Architecture was pretty interesting in the Pain Elemental room.
+ Much more exciting than the first map with better variety of monsters.
+ Much tougher to beat than map 01 (in a good way).
+ Decent and consistent "hellish" theme with lots of gory decoration.

Map 2 Negatives:
- Door into the Imp room lowers almost immediately after opening. Never seen that before, so I don't know what causes it.
- Door textures are incredibly important - in this map you need to go around hitting blank walls with no indication there is anything there, which is not a player's first instinct when progressing normally through a level. Even when looking for secrets there should be some clue where to go.
- Again, symmetrical deployment of monsters, and areas that match one another exactly. More variety is needed in these respects.
- The room with the key doors was confusing, with a whole room that raises up and down in sections - not sure what the point of that was other than to get the player killed.

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