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"Find me a secret" request thread

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Symmetrical to the demo request thread in the speed demos subforum.
Y'know, sometimes the last hope - map editor - is not sufficient. Post your doubts regarding secrets here and/or help with finding solutions.

Caverns of Darkness, MAP05, 9 secrets to find. I don't know how to register two of them:

1) I don't even know where it is. Both DB2 and DeepSea have a "search" option. Putting "9" as a sector effect finds all the vanilla-compatible secrets. In this case they find only 8. Is there a reasonable way to look for ALL secret sectors, including Boom/Eternity special sector effects?

2) Sector 1023 with lots of health potions in it. Absolutely no clue how to get there. Jumping onto sector 667 is difficult, but possible (near a stairway by the door which requires 3 keys), but what next?

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1) You can't get all secrets in that map. One is in an off-map sector that's mistakenly marked. But it's not type 9 but instead uses Boom's secret bitmask value which is why you haven't found it. (Sector 1130)

2) Lower one of the pillars in front of that platform. One of the faces on them is different which is the clue here.

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Thank you, Graf Zahl, in 2) I clearly overcomplicated things and they blinded me :)

The question how to find Boom extended secret sector effects (in general) is still open. Subatomic's simple answer is actually very good, yet if you know other ways, please let us know.

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Abyssalstudios1 said:

I want all of the Commander Keens in PL2 map 29.

Here is -nomonsters -complevel 4 demo that shows placement of all of them. Infact you don´t really have to kill / shoot them to open the super secret room (I haven´t entered the room btw :)

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IMO one of my only gripes with Doom in general is how often the kill/items/secret count is broken. There is never a guarantee that any of the three are possible ~100%, and it kind of makes it a lot less fun to try.

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