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Can't Disable Autoaim in Zdoom 2.4.1

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I just got a new computer, so naturally one of the first things I reinstalled was Doom and Doom 2.

I've downloaded the most recent version of Zdoom as of now, which would be 2.4.1, right? Well, when I ran the port, I was configuring the settings and such and I told the game to disable Autoaim (as well as "smart autoaim," whatever that means).

One I started a level, it appeared that autoaim was still on. If a monster was within range, my shots would aim at it, even if I was aiming at the floor or above his head. If I were aiming at a wall and a monster was above it, my shots would aim at the monster above instead of hitting the wall I was pointing at. I think you get the idea.

I play Doom/2 with mouselook so I'd prefer to be able to miss if my aim isn't good enough. Has anyone else had this problem with Zdoom 2.4.1? Is there any way to completely disable autoaim, like in older versions?

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Nevermind, I just figured it out.

I forgot that you had to disable autoaim within the Player Options (where you change your deathmatch name and skin and such).

Moving on! Delete this if you want.

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