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Cchest2.wad MAP07 help

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Been playing through Cchest2.wad, and I'm stumped at the red key.
Its a on a platform you can lower but each side of the room 2 doors close with 2 cages outside of them.
There is a button on the wall which raises the doors, but the cage bars still remain, and I cant work out if it is a bug. Doesn't seem to be, checked out zdoom's wiki compat options about this map, but nothing mentioned.
Any help is appreciated. The engine Im playing on should support this.

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if it is the red keycard, then the bars should close for 30 seconds, and you fight 2 revs, then they open. This is in Prboom-plus 2.5.05. I cannot find the red skull whatever I try. But that will help with the red card.

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If you are where I think you are (The hell room) then what probably happened was that not every mancubus transported in (most likely because you were standing an a warp in spot and because you cant be telefragged, they wont warp). If that doesnt happen you cant kill them all which, because this is map 07, is required to raise the bar. Really the only thing you can do is idclip over to the holding chamber and kill of the manc. Or redo the whole thing. Sowwy :[

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