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PsychoPhobia link [loading a pk3]

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Would anybody be able to post the link to PsychoPhobia.wad? Each file type I downloaded was either pk3 or .rar I believe, and for some reason I can never get those to work using zdoom. Not sure how to go about converting file type either, sorry I'm a doom noob -_-.

Anyways if anybody can help me out with that, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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SevenYearItch said:

I'm a doom noob -_-.

SevenYearItch said:

I'm new to these forums but not new to the game whatsoever


(yes, I get what you mean :P)

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If a Zdoom "wad" comes in the form of a pk3, then this is quite deliberate on the part of the author, and you shouldn't try to extract or create a wad from it. You just use the pk3 directly, loading it in just the same way (e.g. command line or drag and drop) that you would a wad file.

Check that you are using a recent version of Zdoom. Old versions didn't have this feature.

Also, be sure to check any documentation (e.g. a txt file) that came with it. This will tell you if it requires a particular version of Zdoom (or GZDoom, etc.).

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Indeed I do have the latest version of ZDoom, just checked that. As for the file type of psychophobia, it was not pk3. I had not tried to make this work in a long time considering it hasn't been, so I thought pk3 was one of the extentions.

Apologies for the misleading info, but my problem lies with the .rar file. The file I have is PsychoPhobia_CM.rar and I cannot seem to get it to work. ANY .pk3 or .wad file, alls I need to do is extract it from the zipped folder, and then drag and drop it onto the zdoom icon.

If converting the file from .rar to .pk3/.wad isn't the solution, I am at a loss here :(.

I have also tried using GZDoom, and Doom Legacy (ew!) to run this .rar file. No luck with either -_-.

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A rar is an archive file (much like a zip is). The file you need will be inside the rar. You need a program capable of extracting files from inside a rar - such as WinRAR, 7Zip and so on.

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With all due respect mate, I see nothing about .rar files on that wiki site. Are you sure you're not supposed to convert .rar files to .wad or something? Please note that I am not really very computer savvy, I am trying my best to figure this all out but cannot for the life of me -_-.

@Enjay - I'm going to download winRAR now to see if I can figure out how to do this. Thanks for the tip.

I dragged the .rar file onto the winRAR icon and it looked like it extracted it or soemthing, and it made a somewhat large .pk3 file (when I say large, i mean large for a doom wad). It still gives me some sort of error when I try to play it on GZDoom or ZDoom. Something about "No Interaction" error. I really wantd to play this one too, I've wrecked every Doom I've ever played made by you guys lol.

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SevenYearItch said:

With all due respect mate, I see nothing about .rar files on that wiki site.

Which should be interpreted as meaning that .rar is not a supported archive format, and should therefore be extracted.

Personally I'd recommend using 7-zip rather than WinRAR, since it's better and does not nag you about buying the full version.

Finally, about things being "large for a Doom wad" -- part of the reason why ZDoom has the "PK3" format is because mods have grown far too large to be easily maintained in the wad format... A mod like Aeons of Death weighs a modest little 340 megabytes... :p

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