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Critique my first level

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So, as the title says, I completed part of my first level and I want some criticism.

The level is supposed to be a marine base. There's no monsters and no exit (yet) so it's not playable, I just want hints on how to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Download Link:
(use zdoom)


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It looks mostly pretty good. However, that lift in the main room is really oddly shaped, and the lift to the passage that overlooks the area is too awkwardly small in my opinion. A few pointers:

This part looks a bit ugly, usually it looks weird to have a different texture flush with another texture unless it has a clear border such as support3:


This could use alignment:


As far as a functioning map however, this shows many more problems. The saving switch should not be there, everyone knows how to save their own game. The marines would be really annoying if there were monsters in the room because they would end up shooting you all the time. The teleporting into barrels trap is no fun. Like I said before, your lifts are oddly sized...the huge one seems unnecessary. Anyway I guess if this was just a base to load up at it might be pretty cool.

Also, the outside walls are sort of bland even though the inside looks nice. Consider making some kind of windows, support beams, or something else to break up the monotony.

That said, good job with your first effort - I was expecting ridiculous texturing and stuff, but it looks decent. I'd like to play it when it's expanded and has monsters and stuff.

PS Your screenshots don't need the [url] tags. That's only useful if you want to give the url a text title instead of just displaying the whole thing, and the format is [url=address here]Text[ /url]

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After quick run through your map I came to the conclusion your off to a good start. Keep the design unique and nonlinear add a few monsters and it should be good.

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