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madness - a zdoom survival

What Should My Next Project Be?  

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  1. 1. What Should My Next Project Be?

    • More Maps For MADNESS
    • Finish My Old Mod (VIPER)
    • Hollow City
    • Station 17

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EDIT: Madness 2 - Beta is out! Check out the post!

Engine: ZDOOM ONLY!!!

Description: Your plane has crashed on an island! Now you have to fend off waves of monsters with the survivors of the crash. How long can you survive?

DOWNLOAD & SCREENSHOTS: http://keogames.webs.com/doom2wads.htm


Anyways this is my second wad... Well sorta, I never finished the first one. Hope you like it and I'm looking forward to your feedback!

P.S. Feel free to post your records here. So far I've only survived 239 seconds on Hurt Me Plenty...

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Played a bit, feels like skulltag's invasion but with a much more open premise. I only lasted 100 seconds or so on each of my tries in UV, haven't tried HMP or nightmare. I'd suggest raising the lava so it's not impossible to see chaingunners, just one of them can get you below 50% hp quickly without having a clue where he is until a random shotgunner finishes you off. Which points out how annoying the trees are - they limit rocket and plasma gun use a LOT, while not giving any cover vs. zombies. Combine the two problems and the arena isn't really fun. Making different maps with actual cover instead of things would work better imo.

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Thanks for pointing those issues out. I'll try to to improve the next maps I'll make. Do you have any suggestions towards maps though?

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It's a neat idea. I wish the map was bigger. Also, there shouldn't be so many of those big trees everywhere. You should have just built some walls or something for players to take cover behind. I agree with many of the things ArmouredBlood pointed out.

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Some ideas eh. Try a stonehenge/marblehenge, or maybe an outpost with the friendly marines in little guard towers. Burned out church, with a belltower and maybe 5% of the walls intact? Mountain plateau. An island, kind of like map03 of my wad newgothic, except not with the 1000 unit+ mountain and cybs everywhere, heh. A large chess board, with some random chess pieces and arena entrances and balconies the monsters spawn in/from. And then there's always a techbase ;P I'd actually be interested in making a map or two if I didn't have finals this week -.-

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ArmouredBlood said:

Which points out how annoying the trees are - they limit rocket and plasma gun use a LOT, while not giving any cover vs. zombies.

Put compat_missileclip in the map's MAPINFO declaration and the trees will no longer block projectiles.

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Hey heads up guys! MADNESS 2 is already being made. I've added new stuff and I'm going to hopefully get it up soon.

The Island (Original)
Death Room - A Strange Room With Walkways Overhead
Hell's Hallways - Run through the corridors of HELL
NIGHTMARE - You Will Not Survive

Difficulty Modes:
Noob - 2x Ammo | 0.5 Damage
Weak Sauce - 0.75 Damage
Gamer - Normal
1337 - 1.5 Damage
I Want To Die - 2.0 Damage | Fast Monters | No Cheats
Chuck Norris - Let's Just Say You Don't Want To Play This Mode

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