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.ini Command Lines

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Okay, just downloaded my first .wad and I'm having a damn hard time to get it working. I've extracted the wad into the same directory as my GZDoom exe but I can't figure out how to configure the ini file. I've clicked around this website for well over an hour and none of the FAQs seem to tell me how.

What should it look like?
Here's my ini file:

# These are the directories to automatically search for IWADs.
# Each directory should be on a separate line, preceded by Path=

# These are the directories to search for wads added with the -file
# command line parameter, if they cannot be found with the path
# as-is. Layout is the same as for IWADSearch.Directories

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Custom PWADs aren't designed to show up in the IWAD dialog screen. To play a PWAD, drag and drop it into gzdoom.exe, and then select the correct IWAD. (PWAD being your downloaded .wad file, and an IWAD is your complete .wad file/game.)

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When you download your first wad file just double click on it. Windows will ask you which program it should use to open this file. Click Browse in the dialog, find gzdoom.exe, select it, click Open, then before you click OK remember to tick the box which says always do this for this type of file.

You're then good to go. In future when you double click a wad file Gzdoom will start up, ask you which iwad you want to use with this wad and you're off to the races!

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