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Compile warnings with r1161+

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Those seem easy to fix:

1>.\source\r_textur.c(959) : warning C4098: 'R_MakeMissingTexture' : 'void' function returning a value
1>.\source\r_textur.c(1091) : warning C4013: 'E_HashDestroy' undefined; assuming extern returning int

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Csonicgo said:

New texture system.

I know.

Csonicgo said:

I think they've already been fixed.

They haven't.

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GCC doesn't detect anything. You'd be best to get on IRC and tell SoM directly.


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As mentioned on IRC, VC++ and GCC have a nearly mutually exclusive set of warnings, despite supposedly implementing the same standardized language.

You don't have to get on IRC to report warnings or problems either. I check the forums multiple times daily :)

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