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TraderEddy said:Do I need to edit the map in skulltag?

No. You edit a map using Doombuilder, 1 or 2, or Slade or some such. Skulltag is for playing only.

TraderEddy said:How would I make a door open automatically?

You place a linedef in front of the door with the 'Player walks over' trigger.

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can you give a link to that pwad, Mortal Conflict ?

But, off hand, I would surmise, that you are using the wrong configuration for Doombuilder.

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That cluster-fuck is the result when you try to mess with Skulltag when the map format is in Skulltag: Doom format (remember, when you first started the map?)

It needs to be in Skulltag: Hexen format for you to edit properly. I remember the hours of frustration when I was looking to ST maps for guidance before I realized the problem.

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