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Madness 2 - Beta

Madness 3 Overkill?  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Madness 3 Overkill?

    • Definetely Not, I Say Make A Third!
    • Meh...
    • No Need To Make A Third One.
    • Just Make More Maps For Madness 2.

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Hey guys. Finally managed to get some work done on Madness 2. Only one new map has been completed but I added difficulty modes for those who want a challenge or for those who want to at least survive a minute.

DOWNLOAD: http://keogames.webs.com/doom2wads.htm


P.S. Once again, post your records if you want. So far mine is:

Map: Death Room
Difficulty: Chuck Norris
Time: 93 Seconds

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Madness is quite good. I wish something could be done to add variety to the friendly bots though. Viper is also a great concept with lots of potential as well. I hope you finish it.

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I suggest you not use BMPs on your site, otherwise freewebs may cut your free hosting a bit short when you run out of bandwidth.

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