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Where can I get the Alpha Version of Cutmanmike's Megaman DM wad?

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Pretty self-explanatory title, there.

Yes, I am readily aware that it is unfinished and "a bit aids", but seeing those sexy YouTube trailers has me hell-bent on obtaining it somehow that I may witness it with my own Skulltag.

Can anyone be of assistance in this regard?

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I'm sure someone has it saved but seriously, I wouldn't even bother. If anything that alpha will put you off it because the way everything plays out is so slow and unfinished.

I don't have it any more but feel free to look around for it. Just don't expect the final version to be anything like that one (just compare the gameplay videos!)

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Cutman, you're awesome, but you seem like kind of a perfectionist.

I'm happy if I can see Megaman sprites and characters on my screen, be they broken, clunky, or otherwise.

Someone's gotta have it. I believe in you, Doomworld!

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I'm not, really. I know a lot of people said that when I pulled it off my site but it's because the alpha version just looks and plays rubbish. I didn't want anyone to get their hands on that, get disappointed, think it's going to suck and not even try the final version. Yeah okay I did say it was "alpha" but a lot of people probably don't even know/care what that means.

Be patient, the blue bomber is on the way ;)

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