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Dad Raulo

Script slowing down the whole map

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I made a map long ago, so I want it to improve it. I have a monster in my map with 50000 HP (they are several in fact), so I was wondering if it was possible to add him a Health Bar so you know when he is about to die, and so.

I found this at zdoom wiki: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Health_Point_Bar

It actually works, but the map is hell of a slow, so I decided to test if monsters quantity has anything to do with it. I deleted some monsters (4400 was the initial number) to reach the 350 - 500 monsters and the map went just fine on that one.

There are several problems I have:

One is the obvious mentioned above. Other one is that there are multiple of this super monsters.


It is possible to make this work for several of this monsters ?

Or maybe I could script something (dont know ANYTHING about it) so the health bar appears above its head, and not in the hud, so I can choose which monster has a health bar.

I'm mappĂ­ng in Hexen format BTW.

Any help will be REALLY appreciated. Thanks before hand. Sorry for my english, sometimes it sucks.

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Maybe finding the tid takes to long? Try to play around with the delay value at the end of the script, so that it does not get executed every tick.

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It worked partially, because the bar know flashes based on the tics. I mean its not visible all the time, and I still have some slutters during gameplay. I tried to move the timer into another position into the code, but the health bar doesn't appear if I do that.

Thanks in advance.

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Ok, Im thinking of a way to solve this. Simple solution will be that a script will be executed after a monster has taken damage.

This solves the excessive amonut of monsters problem, because the script will be executed only once, and solves the problem regarding having multiple of this enemies in the map.

I really dont know how to execute a script when certain monster takes damage, if someone can help me, It will be really appreciated.

If someone comes by with a better idea, please let me know, I really want this to work.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english.

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