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STMinigun questions.

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Ok. So I am using A Modified Skulltag minigun, and there are two things I would like to change.

-I would like to make it shoot accurately rather than spraying its shots around in the same manner as the standard Doom chaingun. How would I go about this?

-In ZDoom, the standard chaingun leaves little black decals on the walls (in addition to the bullet puffs). The minigun has the bullet puffs, but does not leave any black marks on the walls. How do I activate these decals.

The map I am using this in is for ZDoom and is in Doom in Hexen format. I would post the actual minigun DECORATE code, but first off, it is pretty much as per the original, with some minor modifications, and second I am not currently on my home pc.

These are probably really nubby questions, but thanks heaps for any help. :)

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To make the bullets more accurate, you will need to edit this:

'A_FireBullets (angle spread_horz, angle spread_vert, int numbullets, int damage [, string pufftype [,bool UseAmmo [, float range]]]) '

Make the first two numbers 'angle spread_horz' and 'angle spread_vert' smaller, this decreases the maximum horizontal and vertical distance the hitscan attacks can spread.

Write 'decal bulletchip' in the weapon properties to add bulletholes.

The map format has nothing to do with Decorate btw. :P

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