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sounding like a tard here, i know, but can anyone help me with making my own title screen for my wad files? i have no idea what to do. i have DeePsea, DoomBuilder, WinDEU, and XWE.

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Simply just replace the title texture with yours with wintex or whatever or you can do what I do:

Go to doombuilder (I've only done this with zdoom) and make a new map called TITLEMAP. Then you can do ACS effects and such for a moving camera intro or text and stuff. Then when you run your wad, that's what will appear as the title. Ingame title FTW!

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Keonesan said:

I've only done this with zdoom

And you can only do it with Zdoom and Zdoom derived ports.

GhostlyDeath said:

If you don't use ZDoom, then all you need to do is replace TITLEPIC at least with another 320x200 picture.

And if you are using Zdoom (and some other ports?) then your pic can be bigger than 320x200.

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