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Heretic texture wads.

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You can browse through the texture sets here and there. Most of those on R667 that aren't also on The Afterglow are in PNG so they keep their original palette, which may make them look weird in DB1 (and I don't know if Yadex supports PNG at all). Those from The Afterglow will be in Doom palette and will therefore look weird unless repaletted.

Something you can do is make two copies of the texture set. Convert one to the Heretic palette to work with the editor, keep the other as PNG to play the mod in ZDoom.

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I got the Heretic treasure chest wad off /idgames and it is fine for what I am doing. I can reference the textures & flats and make my wad. Heretic needs more maps.

I am making a Heretic version of the Mount Doom map from TNT.

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