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Is Eternity going to keep track of updates so demos will work?

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I feel that I might have asked this before, sorry if I did :P

Just as how it keeps track of vanilla Doom and Boom versions to play demos, will Eternity keep track of every of its own versions as well? This stems from the fact that ZDoom can't, while Eternity seems more demo-friendly. This would encourage Eternity map speed-demoing.

EDIT: I understand if it'd be too much headache to maintain.

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It has in the past, however there have had to be various exceptions made due to things that simply had to be revamped from the ground up.

For example, demos from versions earlier than 3.33 will definitely desync if they were recorded using Eternity features such as mlook, terrain types, or 3D object clipping, because all three features were completely reworked to eliminate serious systemic glitches.

The recent import of PrBoom code to improve/restore 2.02 demo sync may have ruined 3.35 demos. I only know of one such demo in existence, and it is in the Lost Episode - Evil Unleashed project. I have not yet tested it, and it largely depends on how it was recorded. If MBF enhanced AI was enabled, it will probably desync, because I had to change the fix to the MF_JUSTHIT MBF compatibility feature, as we were doing it wrong. Maintaining the old buggy code was something I didn't feel like doing, but if it does ruin this demo, I might try to fix it retroactively.

Because it is insane to track demo changes on a subversion basis, demo recording is only recommended with the very last release for any minor version (ie if you record a demo with EE 3.35, please do it with EE 3.35.92 and not any prior version).

The heirarchy of importance in demo sync in EE is as follows:
* DOOM 1.9
* MBF 2.03 / BOOM 2.02
* EE
* Anything else

I consider 1.9 and 2.02 demos to be the most important categories, simply because the vast majority of demos use these compatibility levels. I really wish that -complevel 9 was not so popular, because BOOM 2.02 had some horrible glitches in it. Having to put this junk back in the engine is unfortunate IMO.

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