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Probably this will not be very useful to you since I played with Skulltag98b only once.

Set DB2 up with the skulltag config. Then, when playing the map, open the console and type 'give all'. After that, hitting the number keys will cycle through the original and skulltag weapons.

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Eh ... no, I think tradereddy wants to place the weapons.

You start off the same, choosing skulltag, doom in doom or hexen format, then add the skulltag .wad to the list of resources after doom2.wad. Then all the skulltag weapons should appear in the thing list when you place a thing, probably in the 'weapons' category.

BTW, I'm no DMer, but your map has some pretty extreme height variation. Plus playing it with bots shows it's just a rush to the plasma gun.

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Well, somebody here must be familiar with skulltag editing.

Until more definitive instructions are given, try this:

Set up the configuration for Skulltag (Doom in Hexen format).
Then for resources, first install doom.wad.
Then, again under resources, install skulltag-data.pk3 . This will give you some errors, just close the message window.
Then you can find the skulltag weapons under Invasion Weapons (they are spawned things).
I assume, that these weapons, to be useful in a regular map, must be pulled from the pk3 file, including the decorate file, and then installed into your map.

But, like I mentioned, somebody familiar with skulltag editing will have to fill in the blanks.

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