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Is this a known doom bug ?

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The issue is found in this wad ...


Now go to E3M3 sector 409.

Now if firing a hitscan weapon at line 1992, sector 409 rises to sector 394's floor level as it should.

But ...

If using the fist or chainsaw, sector 409 does not rise, ( or might lower, depending on port ) trapping the player ( if not using jump ).

So is this a doom bug ? If so, is it a known one ?

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I may be completely wrong, but to me it has to do with the player blocking the rising sector. If you walk close to the switch (*) and shoot it with any weapon, it won't rise either. So it is not hitscan/chainsaw/fist issue, but player location one.

(*) standing for example here P=player %=switch

|   |   |  P|
|   +---+   |
|           |
|           |
|           |

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You are right about it not just being a hitscan issue. Also, if any part of the player is within sector 397 and activates the switch, sector 409 fails to rise. Author error. Case closed.

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