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Colossi of Love

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Heh, talk about clinging to the past in times of great hardships.... an upcoming documentary about the famous Greek "Kamakia" of the 70s and 80s, in more innocent times when the term "pick-up artist" was virtually unknown.

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Pretty interesting Maes, I've been picking up on more at least superficially Greek things through my Cypriot neighbor.

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To better understand the mentality behind these "Kamakia" (literally, harpoons), you must at least consider their status and the conditions of their social whereabouts: they were usually country boys in a time (late 70s, early 80s) where Greece had just got out of a grim dictatorship, having sex with Greek women outside of marriage was considered a social taboo, and, admittedly, the average greek woman's external appearance leaved a lot to be desired.

The few good looking ones would go to the sons of powerful village mayors, chief-shepherds or other influential figures anyway, so the average grunt was left with few options but go for an arranged marriage with some other poor soul. Also, keep in mind that the late 60s had FAILED to make an impact on Greek society due to the Junta regime, and so concepts like Hippies, sex liberation etc. sounded alien and distant, at best, if not ridiculed through crass regime propaganda in the form of tasteless flicks.

In stark contrast with all that grim social environment, those bumpkin boys of humble origins suddenly got face to face with the opportunity to meet sexually liberated women that also looked far superior to whatever their own locals had to offer...it was literally like an Exotic Revelation, suddenly skipping over 3 past revolutions, for which there was only one natural outcome.

Note that the art of "kamaki" (harpooning) was to be directed only at foreign tourists, for obvious reasons. Sure modern PUAs could learn a thing or two from them.

Today of course a lot of things have changed: the average look of the Greek woman has improved a lot and sexual liberation made its way through society. Just 10-15 years ago you'd be more than able to tell the difference between an average Greek girl and an average Italian/German etc. one. However there are still some taboos in place regarding sexual liberation, so Kamaki is not entirely dead yet.

With these things in mind, you can better understand "Kamaki" ;-)

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